PDPM Practitioner Engagement Solution Sheet

June 3, 2019

Care coordination is taken to the next level with PDPM. Not only are quality outcomes at stake but your full reimbursement for care delivered is also on the line. With reliance on up-to-date diagnosis information and complete documentation, every effort must be made to ensure care team collaboration occurs quickly.

How can you escalate care coordination performance? By putting in place the tools to facilitate speedy collaboration and capture of diagnoses-related documentation. PointClickCare’s Practitioner Engagement can help with both goals.

Practitioner Engagement features secure, HIPAA compliant text messaging through its Secure Conversations feature set, enabling care givers and physicians to be in constant contact concerning residents’ conditions. Diagnoses can be quickly determined via collaborative care team interaction on observed signs and symptoms. The appropriate coding can then be entered into the system, ensuring all diagnoses are captured and documented promptly for full reimbursement.

Ready access to patient charts via Practitioner Engagement ensures physicians have all the information they need to make the right diagnoses determinations and not just timely ones. With the capability for physicians to enter their notes into the patient chart while on the go, Practitioner Engagement also bolsters the available documentation to justify reimbursement claims.

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