PDPM CRM Solution Sheet

June 3, 2019

Succeeding in the PDPM world first starts with making sure you are taking on the right residents for your organization. If you take on residents with needs that exceed your care level capabilities, then negative quality and financial outcomes are the more likely results. Selection decisions need to be informed and made quickly to compete effectively.

How can you expedite insightful resident selection? By putting in place the tools to accelerate quick identification of potential residents and assessment of their care requirements. PointClickCare’s CRM can help with both tasks.

CRM has eReferral integration capabilities, ensuring that your organization has the most up-to-date information on the pool of potential residents right from within the application. This ready access eliminates any delays related to sourcing pipeline information, increasing your velocity to engage potential residents. Since securing occupancy translates directly into bottom line success, time is indeed money.

Filling beds is only one side of the operational success equation. Selecting the right residents is also needed to protect your organization’s viability. With CRM, pre-admission screening tools are included to make sure that both clinical and financial aspects to the admission decision are considered. Available resident placement capabilities also ensure that not only are residents matched to the right care setting but also to their preferred living situation.

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