Why I Challenged My EHR Vendor and Five Reasons You Should Too

May 2, 2019

Why I Challenged My EHR Vendor

According to CMS, approximately 15% of skilled nursing providers switch EHR vendors every year. With PDPM set to change the skilled nursing landscape, more providers will soon be evaluating their current partners to make an informed decision for their future.

With the recent flurry of vendor acquisitions, are you still supported by the same vendor? Are they focused on successfully getting you to and through PDPM, or are they distracted by trying to consolidate multiple disparate systems?

Hear how one provider:

  • Re-evaluated their vendor relationships to ensure they were prepared for future success.
  • Assured 100% confidence in their vendor’s abilities to successfully guide them through PDPM, workflows, contracts, hospital referrals, and acquisitions.
  • Ensured that their organization was prepared for the change involved in switching vendors.
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