PDPM Playbook - Stage 2 Standardize

May 1, 2019

Now that you have developed a plan and understand what needs to be done, the next steps focus on standardizing processes and tools so your people can focus on providing better care and support to your residents. When you standardize administrative and operational workflows, content, and care approaches, you are ensuring a consistent level of care and predictable outcomes in this new reimbursement and value-based care world.

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PDPM Checklist - Stage 2 Standardize
PDPM Checklist - Stage 2 Standardize

The second stage of your journey is where you need to ensure consistency across all areas of your business ...

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PDPM Checklist - Stage 1 Conceptualize

There’s a lot to do in Stage One – from determining where you are to where you want to be – and that could ...


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