PDPM Playbook - Stage 1 Conceptualize

May 1, 2019

The first step in your PDPM journey is developing a plan. You can’t make changes unless you understand your current state and have a clear understanding of the end state you want to achieve. PDPM is not just a payment shift, it requires a cultural change in care delivery, care delivery models, and a clear understanding of how your technology will support your PDPM journey. To be successful through PDPM, providers will require a change management plan that focuses on:

  • Optimizing reimbursement.
  • Addressing their facility’s changing resident populations.
  • Preparing for the impact of the change.
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PDPM Checklist - Stage 1 Conceptualize
PDPM Checklist - Stage 1 Conceptualize

There’s a lot to do in Stage One – from determining where you are to where you want to be – and that could ...

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PDPM Stage 2: Standardize
PDPM Stage 2: Standardize

The second stage in your PDPM journey involves standardizing your administrative and operational workflows,...


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