PDPM Checklist - Stage 5 Operationalize

July 10, 2019

This is it! The final stretch of your journey to PDPM. If all has gone well, in stage 5 the focus is on maintaining the gains made through the changes implemented in previous stages. The most important part though, is making sure you can scale these changes across your organization. The work you’ve done so far needs to carry you beyond October 1st, and help keep you prepared
for future changes.

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PDGM Home Care Infographic
PDGM Home Care Infographic

PDGM will require agencies to move fast, do more, and be specific with their referral and patient informati...

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PDPM Playbook - Stage 5 Operationalize
PDPM Playbook - Stage 5 Operationalize

Stage 5 is about maintaining the benefits made with the changes implemented throughout this journey. The fo...


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