Linked Senior Launches #ActivitiesStrong

May 12, 2020 Charles de Vilmorin

Providing a sense of purpose for older adults is even more important in this new world of social distancing. Frontline staff in the long-term care industry have shown amazing creativity and resilience in the face of the coronavirus in order to provide meaningful resident engagement. Despite often unfair media coverage, exhaustion, uncertainty, and fear, our workforce shows up in our communities, serves our residents and fights this invisible foe every day.

To celebrate this resiliency and thank these heroes, Linked Senior launched the #ActivitiesStrong initiative as a way to support activity, life enrichment directors, and all other professionals serving older adults.

It is with great pride that we present the manifesto of this initiative: 

#ActivitiesStrong Manifesto

We believe a person is a person no matter their age

We believe life is more than just meeting an older adult’s needs

We believe life is always wild and precious

We know not all those who wander are lost

We know memories are made by moments more than calendars

We know we should put our oxygen mask on first, but don’t always do that

We are not measured by the size of our strength, but by the strength of our heart

We are the loving and touching of the family’s hand despite distances and walls

We are the how to their Why

We are essential

We are #ActivitiesStrong

At Linked Senior, we are committed to helping you engage your residents so they can find purpose every day. As we continue to battle COVID-19, it is our top priority to support caregivers with free tools and resources to help activity and engagement professionals. Click here to check out Linked Senior’s daily updates on the #ActivitiesStrong initiative.

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