Pinnacle Senior Living Increases Revenue and Improves Resident Satisfaction

June 28, 2019

“From an enterprise level, PointClickCare gives us the ability to look at the trends in our communities – and ultimately drive better care. We’re able to easily see what the care levels are, and how much revenue we’re capturing. It really gives us the full story of what’s going on in the buildings.”

Anthony Brown, Former CIO,
Pinnacle Senior Living


Partnering with PointClickCare

With the enthusiastic buy-in of its leadership team, Pinnacle Senior Living implemented the PointClickCare Senior Living Professional Package. It has enabled the organization to both drive better care and accurately track the care it provides. Pinnacle Senior Living now has full transparency into each resident’s condition and changes in condition, ensuring that it is billing correctly for the services delivered. The PointClickCare system has empowered the Pinnacle Senior Living care staff to be proactive participants in the residents’ care, resulting in better communication with the management teams as well as gains in revenue and ancillary services. It has also driven greater involvement by residents and their families in resident care planning and delivery.

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