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Empowering Your Frontline Employees to Turn Data Into Decisions

COVID-19 has further exposed the issue of SNFs needing to provide the same care with fewer frontline employees. This is where data comes in. Before you can act on data, you first need to collect it...

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The global health crisis of COVID-19 has dealt new urgency to old problems in the SNF world, including the need for SNFs to provide the same care with fewer frontline SNF employees.  That’s where data comes in.

Today, data is at the heart of health care. But before skilled providers can act on data, they must first collect it, have systems that allow them to easily access it and then know how to interpret and analyze it. This white paper offers three steps SNF operators can take to improve their data collection process, revealing how to empower frontline employees to improve care outcomes

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • Three steps for SNFs to improve their data collection process
  • Why SNFs need a smart system that serves up summarized data
  • How properly summarized data empowers frontline employees
  • The transitional and operational impact for a SNF that lacks data