PDPM COMS Care Insights Solution Sheet

June 3, 2019

Care delivery is inherently complex, and with PDPM, it will become even more so. Staying on top of quality and financial considerations adds layers of data management and reporting to an already busy day. Remaining competitive though dictates that these additional responsibilities be taken care of quickly and effectively.

How can you ensure nimble data-driven decision making? By putting in place the tools to enable an organization-wide perspective on clinical performance. COMS Care Insights provides this needed breadth of analysis.

COMS Care Insights compiles performance metrics into one, easy-to-use and understand interface. No longer will you have to hunt down individual pieces of data or reports, saving you time and allowing you to devote that time to more important matters. With the full spectrum of your data underpinning the analyses provided, you can be confident that you have the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Achieving PDPM success means being proactive, not reactive. With COMS Care Insights, interpretations of results are available in addition to any discrepancies or results that deviate from baselines. These interpretations include potential areas of operational concern, undiagnosed resident conditions, and clinician performance, allowing you to be proactive and manage exceptions instead of reacting to events as they happen.

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