PDPM COMS Care Content Solution Sheet

June 3, 2019

Attaining the high performance and quality outcomes required for PDPM success means reducing variability and embracing standardization in your organizational processes. Consistency is key, and without it, your reputation and referrals will both be at risk in the competition inducing world that PDPM promotes.

How can you evangelize consistency? By putting in place the processes, tools, and people to deliver a standardized care experience for all residents. COMS Care Content provides the framework you can trust to achieve that goal.

COMS Care Content provides evidence-based, standardized nursing protocols to leverage in your care delivery no matter the diagnosis, eliminating variability and producing more consistent, higher quality outcomes for all residents. Available Care Pathways also consider the entirety of the resident’s conditions, enabling your care team to address the resident as person and not simply as a collection of disparate diagnoses. True person-driven care is the result.

Quality care is an output of people, processes, and tools. With COMS Care Content, you’ll have the processes and tools covered, allowing you to focus on the people element for operational success. Not only will residents benefit from your targeted attention, but your staff will also appreciate your concern for easing their own transitions to value-based care, accelerating your organization’s overall adoption of PDPM.

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