PDPM Analytics Solution Sheet

June 3, 2019

Quality as the new currency means that continuous improvement is an operational mainstay. It is not enough to attain high performance once – it must be repeatable and with the expectation that the bar will be continually raised. Nothing is static anymore, and performance is relative to your competitors.

How can you keep pace? By putting in place the tools to know how you are performing and how to improve that performance. PointClickCare Analytics can help.

PointClickCare Analytics provides the real-time visibility into how your organization is performing, from Clinical KPIs to readmission rates. No longer will you have to wait for lagging CMS ratings or spend hours compiling metrics to see how you are doing. Performance information is at your fingertips and available at multiple levels, including organizational, facility, and resident levels.

Having the information is one thing, but PointClickCare Analytics also provides the means to support continuous improvement via its Performance Improvement Project (PIP) module. With the PIP module, you’ll have the framework to manage change and ensure quality outcomes are consistently delivered.

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