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Solution Sheet: Infection Prevention and Control fo Skilled Nursing

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Early identification and prioritization of infections is more important than ever. The health and safety of residents in skilled nursing facilities requires oversight and vigilance to manage and control the spread of infections. Challenges to Managing Infections To help prevent the spread of infections of all kinds, early identification is critical. Detecting and correctly correlating the symptoms of infections can prove challenging. Tracking infection cases is often a manual process that takes a significant effort to collect and collate information. The lack of analysis tools makes it difficult for infection preventionists to make care recommendations and communicate updates to staff. Infection Prevention and Control: How does it help? Infection Prevention and Control is a clinical workflow and intelligence solution that helps you achieve ongoing resident surveillance focused on infection prevention. Empowering Real-Time Surveillance, Management, and Reporting of Infection Cases. Solution Sheet Infection Prevention and Control Assess: Correlate symptoms of infections and identify if suspected criteria was met based on McGeer's and Loeb's criteria with the Infection Screening Evaluation Attention: Review all infection cases using an interactive daily dashboard Analyze: Gain a better understanding of the infections to make more informed decisions Recommend: Guide care staff to follow infection-related best practices, monitor resident progress, and incorporate antibiotic stewardship activities into daily practice Communicate: Monitor the status and resolution of infection cases within and across facilities in real time

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