The Anatomy of an Ideal Resident

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Not communicating your ideal resident profile puts you at risk of ruining your partnership by sending those patients back. FIND OUT YOUR IDEAL RESIDENT HERE The Anatomy of an Ideal Resident As occupancy continues to drop and with the introductions of value-based payment models, facilities need to have a better understanding of what makes up a profitable census-mix. By creating an ideal resident profile, you can successfully determine the best possible census-mix. Here are four things you need to consider: Do they meet the criteria of your referral sources? Do their healthcare needs match your facility's capabilities? Not knowing in advance if you can care properly for your residents can lead to costly readmissions. $ 17 Billion per year $ 25 per claim Not having a full picture of your resident's reimbursement potential can lead to costly payment denials after care has been delivered. Most residents are entering facilities with multiple comorbidities. Without having a full clinical picture, you risk not being able to care for them. Do they fit your revenue goals? Do you fully understand their clinical needs? 95 % Hospital Leaders 9 Reported challenges of creating high-value post-acute partnerships with their SNF facilities 1 in 5 Medicare patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge at a cost of approximately Estimated cost of managing denials Number of medications taken on average by residents leading to increased risk of Adverse Drug Events

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