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Many senior care providers have invested heavily in analytics and reporting capabilities in order to enact organizational improvement programs. Data Relay enables providers to combine key PointClickCare EHR data with other organizational data to broaden the scope of their analysis, improve care levels and positively impact their bottom line. It improves reporting efficiency with automated, regularly scheduled data updates, eliminating time- consuming, manual report set-up steps. PointClickCare Data Relay enhances senior care providers' flexibility to perform corporate-wide operational analysis and reporting, increasing business unit agility and responsiveness. Data Relay provides: Flexibility to create or customize reporting using the provider's own reporting systems What is Data Relay? Data Relay is a regularly scheduled data extract of key EHR data from the provider's PointClickCare EHR database. The extracted data can be used by providers to go beyond the native reporting capabilities of PointClickCare to create provider-specific metrics or dashboards, and can be merged with other corporate or 3rd party data for a broader perspective on operations. Data Relay offers the flexibility needed to leverage EHR data to best serve the organization as a whole. Timely, automated access to subsets of PointClickCare EHR data Capability to combine EHR data with other organizational data sets

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