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An estimated 2 million adverse drug events occur each year, 93,000 of which are life threatening or fatal and represent 4 billion in excess healthcare expenditures. How can senior care providers eliminate them? Reduce your organization's medication risks. A standards-based solution that supports electronic exchange or medication info and pharmacy orders. Reduce care providers' burden and risk. While resident medication regimens in senior care environments have become increasingly more complex, care providers and pharmacy providers don't have to be a part of the astounding adverse drug event statistic. Managing complex medication regimens is not easy. It requires a two- part approach to define and manage medication use, to protect not only the resident, but also care providers from the consequences associated with medication errors and the potential for adverse drug events. The first is the interdisciplinary team, which includes the physician, nurse, and pharmacist. The second is the intelligent use of technology. With Integrated Medication Management (IMM), providers have a standards-based solution that supports the seamless, real-time electronic exchange of medication information and pharmacy orders between PointClickCare's Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform and pharmacy systems.

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