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Providers are holistically involved in the lives of the residents in their community, looking after both the healthcare and social needs of residents. Beyond the physician - driven care plans, care teams also need to help residents manage the ir o ther activities to help ensure both their physical health and psychosocial well - being. By focusing attention on resident well - being, resident satisfaction will rise , which can Empowering care providers to easily create and manage event calendars ; helping se n ior care providers efficiently meet the psychosocial well - being needs of residents. ultimately help providers to improve their overall occupancy rate s . With competition for residents at an all - time high and resident satisfaction so crucial to maximizing occupancy and profitability, providers need intuitive tools that can help them integrate care delivery events with non - care events to provide the best possible experience for residents, their families and staff. Centrally track all community and resident events. PointClickCare Resident Event Calendar is a robust, integrated scheduling application that delivers both resident - and community - event planning capabilities. It is designed to help providers not only create, view and print event calendars, but to align planned activities with required community resources - including vehicles, rooms, audiovisual resources - t hat are necessary to ensure the events can be well executed. With Resident Event Calendar, care providers can improve staff efficiency and event execution, which results in a better resident experience.

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