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While improving performance and quality of care are always top priorities, they are always the most challenging. Today's technology allows for a flood of data to be available and organizations struggle to make sense of all this data to make the right choices. PointClickCare Analytics helps organizations turn all this information into PointClickCare Analytics offers comprehensive, flexible reporting capabilities for Quality-of-Care key performance indicators that address the need for market-oriented, real-time data to effect improved outcomes. knowledge, enabling staff to make insightful, proactive decisions. With PointClickCare Analytics, organizations can also leverage their actionable data through the provided performance improvement planning tool to support effective change management. PointClickCare Analytics provides: What is PointClickCare Analytics? PointClickCare Analytics is a cloud-based analytics tool that provides organizations with real-time quality improvement reporting dashboards. It offers actionable data, guided workflows and goal setting capabilities to truly allow you to make an impact on your operations. Creating and tracking performance improvement plans are also included as part of PointClickCare Analytics, ensuring insights gained can be actioned efficiently to address any identified deficiencies or opportunities proactively. • Enhanced root cause analysis capabilities. • Intuitive data visualization and trending information. • Improved decision making with real-time, actionable data. • Guided workflows and detailed resident profiling. Available in Canada only

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