How to Fight Malnutrition in Skilled Nursing

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M A L N U TR I T I O N Malnutrition is causing more than hunger pains in skilled nursing Malnutrition, dehydration, and weight loss constitute one of the largest, silent epidemics in skilled nursing facilities. Not only can malnutrition and dehydration result in hospital readmission, but it can also contribute to a decreased quality of life, morbidity, and mortality. In addition to managing nutrition, weight loss, and dehydration, a comprehensive nutrition management program should consider the impact food allergies may have on resident outcomes. A recent study shows shows that 25% of residents in senior care facilities have some form of dietary restrictions caused by allergies. In a recent review of nutritional compromise in nursing home patients, malnutrition was prevalent in 6-15% of residents. The three leading causes Lack of individualization in timing of menu selection and service. Diculty manipulating dishes, lids, and food packages. Overly restrictive and unappetizing therapeutic diets. The three leading causes of malnutrition in long-term care include: Using technology to nurture better nutrition Leveraging a solution that integrates with your existing electronic health record (EHR) platform will help ensure your staff is providing a safe and effective nutrition program that supports positive resident outcomes. Capabilities to look for in a nutrition management solution: Easy-to-use menu builder tool that allows for greater variety in diet and is associated with better nutrition among residents. The ability to recognize food preference and dietary restrictions, including food allergies. Staff reminders for resident assistance, such as lid removal, cutting, feeding, etc. Mobile meal ordering, which allows sta to access resident meal preferences at anytime, from anywhere. D E H Y D R A T I O N W E I G H T L O S S An effective nutrition program should integrate with your residents' care plan. This will help to ensure consistent outcomes, reduce hospital readmissions, and improve your overall quality metrics. Click here to learn more about PointClickCare's Nutrition Management Solution

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