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Technology can—and should—be a game changer for senior living organizations. But it will change the game in more ways than you might expect. Today's state-of-the art technologies are making lives better for residents of senior living organizations in part by allowing them to communicate directly with friends, family members and even medical professionals who are located outside the community walls. They're also making life easier for staff by allowing them to collect health data and do their jobs more efficiently and effectively, and they're allowing senior living executives to best manage their organizations for success in a highly competitive landscape. We're pleased to share these ways and more with you in this eBook. Leading executives understand the value of technology as it applies to people management, operations, and positioning senior living providers as a critical component of the health care continuum. PointClickCare is committed to working with senior living providers and our wide network of partners to advance the care of seniors by solving industry challenges through technology. We are proud to have partnered with Senior Housing News to bring you the Leadership Series, and to create visibility for the important work many of our current leaders are undertaking to prepare the industry for its future. Thank You Travis Palmquist Vice President and General Manager, Senior Living PointClickCare 2

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