Customer Story: Bluebird Retirement Community

August 1, 2019

"PointClickCare serves as the foundation for our operation, both from a nursing perspective and a sales and marketing perspective. It’s a terrific asset for businesses of all sizes, but particularly for independent operators that want to leverage the knowledge and the skillset of PointClickCare."

Paul Gross, Owner/Operator
Bluebird Retirement Community


Partnering with PointClickCare

After unsuccessfully transitioning from paper-based documentation to a technology solution that did not meet their needs, Bluebird adopted the PointClickCare Senior Living solution, connecting care services, billing and administrative processes across a single, cloud-based platform. Easy to learn and use, the PointClickCare solution offers workflows that fit with the way Bluebird runs their business. The PointClickCare Senior Living solution saves documentation time, allowing the Bluebird staff to spend more time with residents. In addition to streamlining business processes, the PointClickCare platform enables Bluebird to use real-time data to forecast and plan for staffing and occupancy challenges, providing critical insights to the management team.

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