Develop Your People - Preparing a Workforce for Value-Based Reimbursement in Post-Acute Care

November 13, 2019

Success in a payment environment driven by patient outcomes and high quality care depends on having a well-developed workforce with exceptional clinical, management and leadership skills. This presentation describes how the High-Impact Leadership Framework from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) was used to create a company-wide people charter for a contract rehabilitation organization that serves older adults in over 180 skilled nursing facilities across 13 states.

The presenters will discuss how the company worked to create a culture of ongoing development and a core set of essential clinical behaviors in front-line clinicians to deliver improved patient care consistent with the Triple Aim. The presenters will also discuss the importance of front-line managers in the performance improvement process and will share their approach to aligning all stages of the manager development cycle to maximize the impact of individuals in these critical roles. Finally, the presenters will describe how the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership was chosen as a leadership development model for the organization and has been used to develop leadership behaviors throughout the organization in a multi-stage roll-out approach.

At the end of this presentation, you'll be able to: 
  • Describe the impact of a formal people charter and associated activities on corporate culture, vision, and resource allocation
  • Explain the essential role that leadership development plays in creating and sustaining an organizational model geared toward continuous improvement and effective change management
  • Develop a strategy for implementing an evidence-based approach to human resources within his or her own organization


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